Baby Food

Once your baby starts eating solid food, there’s definitely no stopping them! A lot of new parents are amazed at their babies’ appetite and courage when they start out on proper food. Young children have no fear when trying something new, but also no remorse in telling you when they hate something you made. The little guys truly have no filter! Do they hate mashed peas? They will have no problem spitting it out, with no regard for your rug or sofa. On the other hand, it’s a real parenting win when they really, really like something. The way their little cheeks puff up as they slurp up some apple sauce makes all the hassle worthwhile. With the privilege of eating solid food comes a huge milestone, namely: sitting at the table with everyone else instead of being fed separately. You might think that this is an insignificant event, but eating meals together at the table has been shown to strengthen familial bonds and decrease stress. Your baby might not be ready to eat unassisted yet, but getting the chance to also nibble on your food while feeding them is a hugetimesaver! Sharing experiences such as this one is crucial in the healthy development of your baby!

Bust Out the High Chair

Finally buying a chair for your little one is a very exciting time! It’s when they become more actively involved in your lifestyle. Too much cooking to do? Plop them in the chair and let them join you. Watching a parent carry out daily tasks is super important to a young child’s development. Plus, you’ll never feel alone if you have your own mini assistant in the kitchen! They’ll follow your every step carefully and giggle when you do something funny. They’ll sing along in their own made-up language while you try your hardest to concentrate on the recipe. Need to do some work? Sit them down next to you and get cracking! When buying a high chair for your baby, there are a bunch of different varieties to choose from. You can customize the chair to fit your house and your lifestyle so there’s definitely more than enough research you need to do before committing to a certain one. It can definitely seem overwhelming at first, but there are tons of resources you can consult online. My go-to site is, a blog on everything baby, from the best toys to the perfect tools. Their website can really help make parenting as easy and as enjoyable as possible. They scour the internet for the best deals and make comprehensive lists of all the must-have products a parent needs. If you’re looking for a new designated seat for your little one, make sure to check out the best high chair by Lille Nord!