Author: Brittany Coleman

Best Samsonite Garment Bags

If you are always travelling for short periods of time, for leisure or for work, then prhaps you have considered buying a high quality garment bag for yourself. Right now, Samsonite prides itself as one of the most highly praised brands for garment bags on the market, for products whose quality really matches up to their price.

Why buy a garment bag?

Garment bags are usually used for short-term travelling, as their size allows you to carry up to a week’s worth of outfits and toiletries. Not only that, but the shape of garment bags is made especially so you can carry delicate clothes which should not be folded in a suitcase. This makes garment bags ideal for business trips, as you can easily pack up your best suit or dress in the best conditions, without worrying about wrinkles.

What are the best Samsonite garment bags?

Samsonite offers quite a large range of garment bags suitable for travelling, from carry-ons to backpacks, hard sides and soft sides, hand bags and wheeled bags. Below, you can find the best choices of Samsonite garment bags, so you can choose which ones suit your preferences and needs best.

The first product is the Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside, a high quality troller bag which is perfectly suited for travel. You can easily move it around due to the smooth rolling wheels on the bottom. It is an incredibly versatile product, as you can choose between different sizes, based on the duration of your travel and the amount of luggage you need to take with you. On the inside, you have an extender panel, perfect for storing your longer garments, as well as mesh pockets for shoes and other personal items. The adjustable elastic straps make sure there will be no loose items in the luggage.

Another great product is the Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider Luggage. This garment bag features a hard side, making it more durable and less likely to be destroyed by mishandling at the airport than its soft side counterparts. The adjustable handle makes it easy for you to carry your luggage in any circumstances. The inside is spacious enough to fit your longer garments as well, without worrying about wrinkling them. You can also buy this luggage in various sizes, as well as different colors, making it an incredibly versatile product, which can fit your every need.

The last one is Samsonite Flexis Softside Expendable Luggage, created especially for those going on business trips who need their garments in top shape. The interior is separated into multiple compartments, and you can also fit almost any hanger type there. This bag is suitable for both men and women: carrying your suit or dress will become much less stressful if you use this product, and you can also carry other important, fragile items inside, such as your laptop or tablet. The high quality water resistant fabric also makes sure all your garments and belongings are 100% safe inside the bag.

Sun Tanning while Pregnant – Here’s What You Should Know

When most women are pregnant they tend to be bored due to morning sickness, stress due to pregnancy and even skin may look unsure. This makes many women look for their natural appearance and beauty with all means possible, especially by tanning. This may cause danger to both you and your unborn baby, the following are some of the ways that make result out of tanning while pregnant.

If woman tan while pregnant she will expose her baby to an excess amount of ultraviolet rays which will cause danger to the unborn baby. And if at all the woman decide to tan she must not do it during her first trimester. During other time it should be as minimal as possible.

It doesn’t matter how you are going to perform your turning may it be indoor, may it be outdoor or even in bed the risk is the same and should be avoided as much as we can. Women should avoid tanning due to the following reasons

  • Accelerate aging.

Despite suffering from the skin cancer, the ultraviolet rays damage your skin by causing wrinkles which make you look like an aged person yet you are young than we see. The same thing will happen while you are pregnant, it will be funny for aged women becoming pregnant which might raise so many questions yet you are a young lady. Why should you then destroy your nice looking mother to be, to an aged expectant grandmother?

  • To avoid skin cancer.

Anyone who exposes his or her skin to the sun more than is required, one increase the risk of getting sicken cancer. this the reason that we are against the much exposal to the direct sun ray since it produces UV radiation since penetrate into your skin and improve the risk of getting skin cancer. If this happens to the expectant mother she is risking her life together with that of the baby.
It is more dangerous tanning indoor since the radiation is more concentrated than being exposed to direct sun rays.

While an expectant mother continue tanning while she has melasma, she may end up destroying her face more, this is because it will be very difficult to remove the dark spot on her body after she has worsened it by continuing exposing her skin to the sun rays

  • Dehydration.

If the mother is exposed to the sun for long she might end up sweating too much which will lead to excess water loss. This will cause the body to have less water which will result in the pregnant mother dehydrating which is the opposite of what is needed and this will indicate danger to both the mother and the unborn baby.

  • The baby will be harmed.

Tanning in bed will increase the body temperature which will increase the baby temperature. According to the scientist they say that raising the body temperature to 102F will harm the baby and this may cause defects to the unborn baby. And also while the mother is tanning in the bed take much time on the same position which is against the expectation. When the woman is pregnant she is recommended that she keep on walking to allow the blood circulation. Being in the same position for long will lead to poor blood circulation will also interfere with blood flow to the unborn baby and nutrient transportation. This condition can also cause the mother to feel nauseous.

  • Sensitive skin.

During pregnancy, the skin is more sensitive due to hormonal changes. If the woman continues to expose her body to the UV rays, it will adapt to this changes and will become more sensitive to this condition. Instead of tanning, it is advisable to have a shade since it has no side effect on the body. The same will happen even if one decides to have an indoor tanning the boy will still sense the sun rays and will keep on guessing what will happen next.

With the above reason, it is easy to conclude that it is not advisable to have tan while pregnant, but this doesn’t mean that you avoid the sun completely but have it at a minimal rate to avoid so many problems that might arise out of tanning.

  • Conclusion

If you really want to get a tan, we’d highly recommend just choosing a regular drugstore self-tanner, however be careful with those as well, read the ingredients and they are ok for a pregnant women to use and not cause unwanted irritations.

Taking the Outdoors in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is a member of the Spanish Autonomous Community and is an archipelago on the outermost portion of the European Union. These islands covers an area of twenty-eight hundred square miles and has a population of over two million residents. There are eight islands in the Canary Islands chain and these include Tenerife, La Graciosa, Gran Canaria, El Hierro, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma and Fuerteventura. The entire Canary Island archipelago is about sixty-two miles west of the border between the Western Sahara and Morocco. Because of its location, the islands enjoy a sub tropical climate that are characterised by cool winters and long dry summers.

The discovery of the archipelago is often credited to Numidian King Juba II, though there were several distinct indigenous Neolithic tribes already living on the islands. Written records of this time are spotty, but many historians and archaeologists believe that these people were descendants of the North African Berbers. During the Middle Ages, the Canary Islands were explored by Arabs for possible commercial use. In 1402, the Castilians conquered the islands and Jean de Bethencourt was named King of the Canary Islands. He would then go on to set up a base on the island of La Gomera. Forty-five years later, Maciot de Bethencourt sold his lordship to the Portugal Prince named Henry the Navigator.

This action caused a revolt on the islands and resulted in the expulsion of the Portugese in 1459. The Canary Islands then reverted back to Castilian control. The Castilians established the growing of sugar cane and the production of wine. The islands also became an important way point for missionaries and conquistadors heading to the New World. This brought an age of prosperity to the islands and during this period magnificient palaces and places of worship were built there.

Today, the economy of the Canary Islands are mainly based around the tourist industry. This industry is so important that it accounts for over a third of the Gross Domestic Product of the islands. These islands attract over ten million tourists each year. Another large portion of the economy is construction which accounts for a fifth of the islands Gross Domestic Product. Agricultural products are another huge part of the economy. The islands produce many food staples which are exported around the world. Some of these food staples include bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, sugarcane, lemons, figs, wheat, grapes, dates, oranges, barley, corn, peaches, apricots and almonds. Other cash crops include tobacco and cochineal.

A popular Canary Islands attraction is Timanfaya National Park. This national park (called Parque Nacional de Timanfaya in Spanish) overlaps the Yaiza and Tinajo Municipalities on the southwestern portion of Lanzarote Island. It covers an area of almost twenty square miles and is composed of mainly volcanic earth. There has been reports of volcanic activity, but the last major eruption occured during the eighteenth century. The volcanic activity produces steam geysers which continue to draw visitors to the park. Because of the sensitive nature of the fauna and flora in the park, access to the public is regulated. Visitors can access the park by two footpaths. There is also a route where one can rent camels to traverse. Loro Parque is another popular attraction on the Canaries. This zoo is situated on the island of Tenerife, just outside Puerto de la Cruz.

It was opened in 1972, on twenty-nine thousand square feet of land and with an animal collection that only consisted of about a hundred parrots. Since that time, it has grown to cover over four hundred and five thousand square feet with a contingent of over three thousand animals. It claims to have the largest collection of parrots in the world. The zoo has set a number of records which include the longest European shark tunnel, the largest Thai village outside of Thailand and the largest exibition of penguins in the world. Some of the animals featured in this zoo’s collection include apes, chimpanzees, gorillas, pelicans, iguanas, sea lions, jaguars, tigers, marmosets, flamingos, parrots, tortoises, piranhas, sea horses, alligators, orcas and sharks.

Palmitos Park is another destination that is gaining popularity with visitors to the Canaries. Its a botanical garden that covers an area of six hundred thousand square feet and also contains an aviary. It is situated on Gran Canaria Island, about six miles from the beaches of Maspalomas. The botanical garden is located in the middle of the mountains, and as a result offers visitors a beautiful way to see some of the most incredible scenery of the island.

Areas of the park include a pond, butterfly house (the largest in Europe), glass hummingbird cages, orchid house, Amphitheater (has many daily bird shows), presentation room and an aquarium. Palmitos Park also has a collection of over fifteen hundred exotic birds, over a thousand palm trees and over one hundred and fifty different types of cacti. There are also animal exhibits here which include monkeys and crocodiles.